Plastometrex Continues Global Expansion with Japanese Partnerships

Published on 30 October 2023

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Plastometrex, an advanced mechanical testing technology provider, has announced its strategic expansion into the Japanese market in partnership with two leading technology companies, Kobe Material Testing Laboratory (KMTL) and AeroEdge. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Plastometrex’s journey towards transforming the global mechanical testing industry.

Since its inception, Plastometrex has had a clear mission of delivering simpler, faster, and more insightful mechanical testing to materials science and engineering teams the world over. Following the commercial launch of its flagship product, the Benchtop Plastometer, the company has enjoyed rapid global expansion, partnering with some of the most recognisable industrial organisations and research institutions in the world. That expansion now continues with a move into Japan, as KMTL, a leading independent testing laboratory in Asia focusing on materials testing services, took delivery of the country’s first Plastometrex device, as part of the newly formed partnership.

With the Plastometer, KMTL will now be able to obtain metal stress-strain curves, measured by the device from indentation test data, in less than 5 minutes. This unlocks unprecedented testing speed and flexibility for users at all stages of the product lifecycle, from alloy design through to failure analysis. KMTL has now added the Plastometer to its comprehensive range of testing services, further strengthening the organisation’s position as a technology-forward testing partner.

“We are delighted to be able to introduce the Plastometer to our client base across Japan,” said Nobuhito Tsurui, Executive Vice President, KMTL. “The technology will allow our customers to measure critical mechanical property data from small and challenging-to-test samples for the first time. This will enable them to design, manufacture, and repair their products with greater efficiency and confidence.“

AeroEdge, an engineering services company specialising in machining and additive manufacturing (AM) technology, will be among the first to use KMTL’s new Benchtop Plastometer. Having significantly grown its capability in the printing of aerospace materials, specifically complex titanium aluminides for demanding high-temperature applications, the Plastometrex technology will enable AeroEdge to accelerate the development of these complex AM materials and parts.

“Plastometrex’s novel testing technology enables us to optimise our AM materials with much less material and in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods,” said Kazuhiro Mizuta, Managing Director, AeroEdge. “We are excited to support the introduction of this transformative testing technology to the Japanese market where it will play an important role in supporting the continued adoption of AM in the region.”

"This strategic collaboration with KMTL and AeroEdge is a testament to our commitment to innovation and to our continued global expansion. Japan represents a vibrant and dynamic market, and our partnership with these two esteemed companies will allow us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and transformation in metal testing and additive manufacturing." Mike Coto, CCO, Plastometrex.

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