Superhot mechanical testing

The PLX-HotStage add-on module for our benchtop testing device that extracts mechanical properties at temperatures of up-to 800°C

Indentation plastometer - stress/strain curves from indentation mechanical tests
Indentation plastometer - stress/strain curves from indentation mechanical tests

The dream team

The PLX-HotStage has been designed as a modular attachment to the existing Indentation Plastometer - it does not require a whole new testing machine to be purchased! The module is easily attached or removed from the benchtop machine, dramatically increasing testing flexibility for our users.

Test up to 800°C

Test metallic parts at high temperatures

10 minute installation

Modular. Swap in and swap out with just an allen key

100% fully automated

Automated procedure ensures reproducible results

Highly affordable

High temperature testing without huge testing costs

Actionable data, fast

The testing process - from sample placement, heating, and testing is fully automated, requiring only a single click. The test is also extremely fast, removing the testing bottleneck from high temperature material research and development.

Big data from small things

The PLX-HotStage allows high temperature stress-strain curves to be measured on small volumes of material. This unlocks entirely new insights for these traditionally difficult-to-test samples whilst minimising material wastage.

Minimum sample size 3 mm thick and 10 mm lateralMaximum sample size 9 mm thick and 25 mm lateral

Big data from small things

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