Indentation plastometer - stress/strain curves from indentation mechanical tests

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All of our products utilise PIP, a platform technology developed by our team of materials scientists. PIP testing enables the measurement of stress-strain curves from indentation test data.


Measure stress-strain curves and metal strength parameters in minutes, non-destructively.


Accurate and reproducible mechanical properties can be measured quickly across a broad range of metallic materials.


Developed by world-leading scientists all formerly of the University of Cambridge, and used by leading institutions and industry heavy-weights, globally.

Prof. Roger Reed FREng FIMMM

Professor of Materials and Solid Mechanics | Oxford University

“The indentation plastometer enables us to generate critical material property data far more efficiently than conventional methods. I have been thoroughly impressed by the machine, it is both easy to use and reliable”

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Benchtop Plastometer

The Indentation Plastometer is a benchtop mechanical testing device that extracts metal stress-strain curves from indentation test data in under five minutes.

Accurate stress-strain curves in less than 5 minutes



HotPIP is an add-on module for our benchtop testing device that extracts mechanical properties from indentation test data at temperatures of up-to 800 °C

Measure mechanical properties at temperatures of up-to 800°C



Scalable, accurate, and fast testing of high value metal assets in the field.

Scalable, accurate, and fast testing of high value metal assets in the field



PLXUS is our cloud-based digital platform for the collection, storage, and analysis of PIP test data. Identify trends, share and collaborate with colleagues, and track savings in cost and time.

Cloud-based collection, storage, and analysis of PIP test data


Case Studies

Case Studies

At Plastometrex we are always exploring a wide range of applications for the PIP method. See below for our latest case studies.

Using PIP Testing to Detect Property Variations in Additively Manufactured Parts

In collaboration with the University of Limerick, this case study investigates the suitability of PIP testing to explore the detection of property variations in parts produced through additive manufacturing.

PIP Testing of Welds - In Partnership with TWI (The Welding Institute)

The objective in this study, conducted in collaboration with The Welding Institute, was to determine if PIP testing could accurately map the stress-strain behaviour across a weld with a fine spatial resolution, and to quantify the time and cost savings that PIP offers over traditional tensile testing when used for characterising weld mechanical properties.

Using PIP Testing to Characterise Case Hardened Layers- In Partnership with Ovako

The aim of this case study, conducted in conjunction with Ovako, was to use PIP testing to characterise a case-hardened layer by indenting planar surfaces after progressive removal of thin surface layers.


We understand the importance of experimental test equipment and the role it can play in ground-breaking research. We're here to help.


We understand the importance of accurate material property data and the role it plays in designing and assessing products. We're here to help.

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