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The PLX-Benchtop, faster mechanical testing for industry
Failure Analysis

Support your forensic investigations with uniquely rich datasets.

New Alloy Development

Rapidly screen the mechanical properties of your new alloy systems

High Throughput Tests

Measure stress-strain curves in under three minutes and reduce your materials testing turnaround times

Additive Manufacturing

Characterise the mechanical behaviour of your additively manufactured materials

Industry is modernising – are you?

The PLX-Benchtop, automated fast mechanical testing for industry 4.0

Our mechanical testing systems are being designed to make mechanical testing simpler, faster and more intuitive, providing our clients with material insights not otherwise obtainable. They are built intelligently, with integration and automation at the forefront of their development. They are Industry 4.0 ready.

The PLX-Benchtop, automated fast mechanical testing for industry 4.0
The PLX-Benchtop, a revolutionary new approach to mechanical testing for applications in failure analysis, high throughpiut testign and addtive manufacturing

Why work with us?

Flexibility and Speed

We use our products to help companies like yours measure the mechanical properties of their materials more quickly, and more flexibly than they can with conventional testing methods.

First Class Support

We provide a rapid and rigorous technical support service to customers across the world. We also offer R&D support services through access to our team of world-leading materials scientists.


We are an expert team of materials scientists with high-level expertise in advanced numerical modelling and data science techniques. We can be relied upon to deliver to our clients the state-of-the-art mechanical testing solutions that are needed to maintain a competitive advantage.

Matthew Hopkinson

Executive Vice President | Element Materials Technology

“This technology and this team have the potential to fundamentally change the way that we think about mechanical testing. Faster, simpler and more insightful testing will be appealing to all industries with an interest in measuring the strength of their materials”

Additively Manufactured Materials

Plastometrex's PIP testing for additive manufacturing applications.

Measuring the mechanical properties of AM materials has historically been very difficult and very expensive. Indentation Plastometry is the simplest solution to this broad industry challenge.

Plastometrex's PIP testing for additive manufacturing applications.

Case Studies

Case Studies

At Plastometrex we are always exploring a wide range of applications for the PIP method. See below for our latest case studies.

From Fragments to Answers: An Insightful Alternative to Hardness Numbers for Failure Analysis

Where machining tensile specimens for testing is not an option, hardness is often considered as a solution. This poses a significant limitation; while hardness testing offers advantages such as affordability, speed, ease of use, and suitability for testing small specimens, a hardness number is not a fundamental material property. Furthermore, practitioners are limited to conversions into a limited set of material property values, as hardness numbers cannot give full stress-strain curves, which means that without further information finite element modelling cannot always be conducted accurately.

Beyond Density: Achieving Optimal AM Parameters with Early Mechanical Property Testing

Cost and time constraints have shaped the conventional workflow in Additive Manufacturing (AM) parameter development, separating parameter down-selection from mechanical property assessment. Yet, this method, aimed at discovering optimal parameters, is inherently flawed. It exposes projects to expensive delays and squandered innovation opportunities due to initial data shortages, potentially misleading results, and unexpected material behaviour. Could prioritising mechanical properties from the outset offer a solution, and is such an approach feasible in practice?

Risks Unveiled: Tackling the Blindspot of High-Performance AM Parts

In collaboration with Alloyed, we explore how mechanical properties differ across sections of an additively manufactured part and discover how testing directly on a part ensures that AM designs will deliver performance that users can rely on.

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