CORSICA 4.0 Has Arrived!

Published on 15 May 2023

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We're thrilled to announce the latest software update for our benchtop plastometer: CORSICA 4.0!  Developed from feedback and suggestions from our customers, CORSICA 4.0 offers a host of new features and enhancements. From a standardised load cell calibration to a brand-new surface roughness mode, the update provides tools to help you achieve even greater accuracy and consistency in your testing. Learn more about CORSICA 4.0 and its features below. 

Get up and running quicker 
With a new built-in procedure and calibration unit, you will now be able to carry out your own load cell calibration to ASTM E4. This means your testing will be compliant with testing standards from the get-go. 

Understand the roughness of your sample 
Our new profilometry mode will allow you to measure topographical line scans, giving you insight into the roughness levels of your parts or samples

Understand the roughness of your sample with our new profilometry mode.
Understand the roughness of your sample with our new profilometry mode.

Even higher consistency 
High repeatability just became even higher – with new features, such as XY scan capability which delivers another set of data points for accurately detecting anisotropy, indenter tip management system and damage detection, improved load displacement data, profilometer calibration, & indent location identification, you can expect even higher levels of accuracy and consistency from your machine 

Plastometrex's tip management system
Save time and keep track of your indenter tips with our new tip management system.

BETA: Quick-help via new searchable knowledge hub 
Installation and operation of our machines is designed to be simple. However, should you run into a challenge our new and growing knowledge hub will be there as a first port of call! 

3 is better than 1! 
Additional selectable Brinell loads gives the user more control of their testing. This option means you can better tailor your testing to your material and historic testing data. 

Upgrade to CORSICA 4.0 today and experience the latest and greatest features for yourself! 

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Want to Learn More About CORSICA 4.0? 

We would love to show you our new software in action! Book a session for you and your colleagues with our materials scientists through the link below to join us for an informal virtual technology demonstration. We can't wait to see you there! 

Click here to join us for a demo

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