RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC Verifies Validation Results for Plastometrex’s Pipeline Tool

Published on 18 September 2023

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Plastometrex is announcing the successful independent review of the pipeline validation testing data from its novel material verification tool, conducted by RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC.

A new non-destructive tool for material verification of oil and gas transmission pipelines has been developed by Plastometrex. The tool enables pipeline operators and inspection providers to measure yield and tensile strengths simply, quickly, and reliably, with final and definitive test results being immediately available.

The performance of the tool is industry-leading. Testing on 125 samples, accuracy metrics including MAPE (Mean Absolute Percentage Error) and Maximum Over-Prediction have been independently confirmed by subject matter experts at RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, including Joel Anderson and Bill Amend, who have figured prominently in previous studies of non-destructive material verification tools. A report communicating this analysis and these results provides network operators and service providers with a higher degree of confidence in their testing data than is often possible with competing technologies.

With over four decades of metallurgical engineering experience in the energy sector, Bill Amend brings a wealth of expertise to the tool validation process. His proficiencies include failure analysis, integrity management of early vintage steel pipelines, in-situ non-destructive determination of pipe properties, and more. RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC is a renowned engineering consultancy specialising in pipeline integrity services, and Bill Amend and Joel Anderson have undertaken a rigorous analysis of Plastometrex's pipe testing validation datasets. This validation data, collected through months of testing on a broad spectrum of grade, size, vintage, and weld type, serves as the foundation for their comprehensive evaluation of the tool's performance.

"I’m very pleased I was able to contribute to the independent review of Plastometrex's pipeline material verification work," says Bill Amend. "This collaboration exemplifies the industry's commitment to developing tools that not only meet regulatory requirements but also enhance the safety and efficiency of pipeline operations."

"This independent review underscores our commitment to transparency and scientific integrity." says Dr James Dean, CEO of Plastometrex. "While our internal validation work has always been conducted in conformance with highly rigorous standards, the objective review by RSI staff helps to demonstrate our dedication to providing pipeline engineers with the most accurate and most reliable tools possible.”

To learn more about the results of this validation testing project and to gain further insights into the validation processes, Plastometrex invites industry professionals to join the discussion at the PRCI Open House event on October 5th, 2023. This event will provide a comprehensive overview of the validation work that was carried out in collaboration with RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC and other industry leaders. Register here.

The validation report can be accessed here.

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